Officially launched 13th December 2016, YBD Music sought to become the biggest name in the event industry, providing both amazing events and a platform for amazing artists to perform on. Today YBD Music hosts not only the best selling festival in Scotland (MacMoray Easter Family Festival) but also a series of alternative festivals & music events across the North of Scotland & England!


YBD Music was created on the foundations of our parent company, YBD –  a well known and trusted company operating in the North of England. With a collection of bars & clubs, YBD operated many promotional events & performances featuring a multitude of local up and coming band and artists which we always a hit. Today the company still operates its trophy establishment in Preston, Ships & Giggles (more information can be found below) and also offers a brilliant hotel experience in the north of Scotland, Carlton Hotel. More information is available via selecting a logo below.

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